Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Scotlund Update - 9 weeks in rescue

Hi, Scot here. I'm just hanging around waiting for my forever home to find me. Since landing with NEBCR, I have been de-wormed, de-liced, shaven (twice), neutered, fed and loved. It's definitely the way to go!

The more days that go by, the stronger I get. I arrived weighing 55 lbs and now I'm a strapping 65 lbs! I'm playful and very, very affectionate. In fact, if I don't get what I think is the adequate amount of attention, I will sit in front of you and look longingly into your eyes with my big brown ones. If that doesn't work, I plop my big left paw on your lap. If you don't respond to the left paw, I try my right paw. Still not giving me affection? I flop over and offer my belly.

I LOVE toys - balls, stuffed ones, de-stuffed ones, shoes, slippers. My foster dad is a little upset at me because I grabbed one of his $70 boots and took it outside without him knowing and chewed the back of it. I don't know why he was so upset. He has another one.

If you've got room in your heart and home for me and my ginormous ears, email my foster mom. She can tell you more about me and see if maybe we are a match!


Anonymous said...

Scotland you are quite the dud!!! keeping track on all of the lucky 7--hope you all will have your forever home soon----love your ears!!!!

Mary M said...


You look so gentle. I hope you find your forever home soon. I also love your ears.

Mary M

Sharon said...

Gawd, What a face! Love him!!!!

Polly said...

HI Scottie:)
Do you think you could get along with dog-savvy cats? we are looking for a dog to share our lives...

Marie said...

Hi Polly,

I'm not sure if I could get along with dog-savvy cats but if you are really interested, submit an application and we can talk further!

Oh, and Happy Holidays!