Thursday, February 18, 2010

Roosevelt Gets His Wheels!

Today Roosevelt got his cart!!  We would like to say a huge THANK YOU!!! to the anonymous donor who called and paid for his cart.  Your generosity is overwhelming.  Thank you.

A front wheel cart is a greater adjustment for a dog than a rear wheel cart, but Roosevelt really did awesome!  He's a little afraid of the cart when he has to be put into it, but this will shortly pass, as he understands the freedom it brings him.  He will soon learn how to relax into the cart and allow it to support him while he walks along.He's already had another session in the cart just now, and he did even better.  We'll be sure and put updates as he figures it out.

Thanks to everyone for their support!  Here's the video:

ps - Roosevelt was supposed to have a consult with an orthopedic surgeon this week to see if anything can be done to help his left leg, but the snowstorm interfered, so we will be rescheduling that.


whydah said...

this might have been the best thing we've seen all winter. You just keep that handsome tail wagging Roosevelt! and to Roose's special angel out there....many many heartfelt thank you's.

H and W.

Anonymous said...

so cool!

ellen said...

What a wonderful thing, for someone to fund this. Roosevelt will be tearing up the turf before we know it.

Thanks to the donor, and to NEBCR. This is great to see.

will said...

You've done a great thing for Stumpy. (He will remain Stumpy to me, sorry.) I look forward to seeing the video of you chasing after that wonderful "Little Man". Post what his 1/4 mile time is, please! lol

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful! Good job Roosevelt!!! You brought tears to my eyes!