Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Marsh is Adopted!!!

I got up this morning and thought it was just going to be another regular day in the life of a foster dog. But it turns out...I GOT ADOPTED!! My foster mom drove me to my new home nearby and a TREASURE HUNT of food and toys awaited me. Then, I got to take a walk and play frisbee with my Forever Mom and Dad. At some point my foster mom drove away, but I didn't notice. I will be an only dog so I can get ALL the attention and love. I am so lucky I'll get to swim, take hikes and walks, and watch the birds outside on my new deck.
So glad I waited a whole year for this perfect home!
Here I am with my new family:

The coolest thing was that it's my New Mom's birthday today...she said I was the best birthday present she ever got!
Signing off, Marsh (former foster dog)


Anonymous said...

Congrats Marsh on your new family! You made my day. All my love and luck to the new family. Good job to your foster mom, you rock!

Anonymous said...

Awsome Marsh --I am so glad for you!!

Helen said...

Congratulations Marsh. That is just the BEST news.
Love, Robin and Zeeba

danes said...

Yeah for Marsh!

Mary M said...

March, you are indeed a lucky boy.

Mary M said...

Marsh, one year is not long in the big picture.