Saturday, February 6, 2010

Duncan goes home

Hi all! This will be my last post as I now have my forever home! I wasn't sure what was going on today when my foster mom said "let's go for a ride!" I thought, oh now, not another vet visit! I love people but could stand not to see a vet for a while! Anyway, in the car we go for a pretty long ride. Longer than any I have ever taken! I didn't get sick this time as I normally get nervous riding in the car. You know, you never know where you are going to end up when you get into one of those things! (no, I don't have to wear that nasty collar any more!). When we arrived I made sure to put my scent everywhere outside, then I saw Brown Dog, I recognized him last week when some people came to visit me. Brown dog is cool, he's about my size and is a beagle cross. I know, he's not a border collie but I won't hold that against him! Then I got to meet Giggles, a bigger black and white border collie who is older and much more stoic. That's OK, Brown Dog and I will have lot's of fun romping around together!

We went into the house and I was terrified to go in because right away there were stairs that go up and stairs that go down. The ones that go down looked real scary as it was dark down there. After some persuasion, and patience from all the humans, I finally got up the courage to come in where I was lifted up to the main floor. (I'm still heeling you know)

After a little bit, there was one other family member I got to meet. He poked his head out a back bedroom door and looked a little unsure. Funnly looking dog if you ask me. I kept hearing the humans say he's a cat. Not sure what that is, but he seems pretty cool. I worked my charm and it didn't take long for the little guy to join in all the fun! (Something tells me he's the boss)
I feel so relaxed here. So now I figured out I have my forever home! Its been a very busy day for me. Thank you everyone for all your support through my foster and for helping me get better. I am not a hundred percent there yet, but I know my new mom and dad will make sure I am back to my old self soon enough! (Giggles happens to be very camera shy!)



Helen said...

Yeaaahhay Duncan!!!!! congratulations to your new family for adopting you. Love, Robin and Zeeba

Amy said...

Wonderful!! Have fun in your new life, Master Duncan!!

Lacey said...

Congratulations Duncan. I'll miss you.