Friday, February 26, 2010

Eli: New pics and tricks

Hi, it's Eli.

Just wanted to update my fans on some of my newest tricks!

First, there's this one where I lean my head back and I turn into a bat:

  • Hmm....what else can I do....
    -Go around between my crate and the wall to hide toys for myself to find later.
    -Stick my head into the shower for a little drink (or the toilet, whichever seems yummier at the time).
    -Chew on an antler WHILE my foster brother, Scout holds onto it for me.

    -I have also started following my foster mom around the house and sitting, wagging my tail hard and staring up at her for pets. I really like snuggling my head next to a person's head. Or I start falling asleep if the person pets/holds my head.
Like this:
(sorry about the lighting, we're in my favorite spot, the bathroom)

Yes, some have said that I have mellowed a bunch since my 'boy' operation, and since settling into my foster home. I'm a very sensitive soul. And even though I'm a puppy, if you give me a soft place to lay and a chewy, I'm good for awhile. I love every person I meet, I don't bark at people and I like to play, follow my person around and snuggle. I also am learning to like car riding!

I think those are some really good tricks, don't you?

Really people, how can you resist a face like this?

Love, Eli the giant puppy with the soft soul


Anonymous said...

Eli, you are one talented puppy! Clearly someone is missing out on their best buddy in the world right now. I hope you find each other soon.

Lori Kline said...

Eli, you are such a sweet-heart! I know your forever home is out there somewhere. Keep pouring on the charm!