Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day from Chip!

Hi everyone!
It's me Chip here! And it's the Valentine's Day so I thought it was appropriate to bring up matters of the heart here. You see, just recently, my heart contained two things -- love and worms! But after a slow recovery at aunt Mo's house, all worms are gone. I didn't see them walk away, but the dog doc said they are gone and I like to believe her. After all, who likes to have worms in their hearts. Ewwwwww! Anywayz, I am worm free and so now I can run and romp and play again!

And listen to this! I have a new foster home to share my love with!!! And it's the bestest!!! Just imagine, I now live in a place called Vermont and I have my foster mom and dad all to myself! That means extra snuggles, extra belly rubs and most importantly, extra ball throws! The only thing missing is a forever home, but I bet there is one out there somewhere!

Anyhow, I've been keeping myself mightly busy. You see, I got myself a new job. My job is to teach my foster parents all about border collies. They have never lived with a border collie before, and so I have to explain them the basic border collie rules like "toys are more important than food" and "its easy to forget to pee when you are playing a ball" and "there is never enough dog toys in your lap at any one time". Teaching humans is hard work, let me tell ya!

After all the hard work, I needed a little vacation, so I decided to take the V day off and visit my friends Mollie and Murphy in New York. And it's been quite the adventure, let me tell you. Especially today. We woke up early and then we dogs got to go in the car while uncle Eric put these funny looking throwing sticks on the roof. They call them skis. And off we went to do this funny thing called skiing. I really liked it. At first I thought the sticks were for throwing but it turns out, the crazy humans put them on their feetz so they can slide better. Anyways, here I am skiing.

I think I am doing a better job than uncle Eric, don't you think? I tried to tell him that it would help if he took the funny looking sticks off his feetz but he wouldn't listen. Anyways, they said I did really well. The only time I started pulling to the side was when the other dogs that came along were wrestling and I wanted to join them -- it was so not fair that I had to be on a leash and Mollie and Murphy didn't! Anyways, I am feeling little tired now, so I think I will go and take a nap! Hope your Valentine's Day is as good as mine! And find me a forever home already!
Love, Chip xxxooo


Amy said...

Good dog Chip! Even though you have not found that forever home yet, we are certain it is out there - and when it arrives it will be so perfect we will all know what you had to wait so long!

KSC said...

Look at you Chip! So glad you are all recovered and back in action! That skiing thing looks like fun!

Helen said...

Glad you'r feeling better Chip and good riddence to those worms.
Love, Robin

Lori Kline said...

Chip, it sounds like you are having the time of your life! Hang in there, your forever home is out there.