Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Spryte is a puppy mill survivor that arrived in rescue on April 17th.

Over the past few weeks she has made huge progress in coming out of her shell and slowly making canine friends and trusting humans. She still has a long way to go but she is on the right track.

Spryte is enjoying the great outdoors and is much more excited to explore new places and less nervous when she is with her foster brother and sisters.

Spryte only has one eye. Her foster mom has taken her to an Ophthalmologist who thinks that Spryte probably lost her right eye due to an injury or puncture. Unfortunately, there is nothing in the eye socket that can be saved, so an enucleation of what remains of her right eye has been recommended.

The estimated cost is $1,700.

NEBCR is able to cover the cost of this surgery, as well as any other veterinary services our foster dogs require, through the continued donations received from our many generous supporters!

With the completion of this surgery and followup, Spryte will have a pain-free life and her future adopters will not have to worry about eye infections.

Please visit if you can make a donation
to help Spryte and the many border collies that NEBCR rescues.

Check back again soon for updates on Spryte as she heals up and prepares to find her forever home!

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