Thursday, May 19, 2011

Soaking up the sun

Oh hi! It's me, Ted! Wanna see my wound? Send me some chewies and I may show you, hehe!

Yup, its looking good. And I am looking good too if I may say so...

So, I am still at the boarding school they call The Hospital. It sounds very ivyleaguesh, don't you think? Anyhow, I got a new job. Really! My job is to interrupt conversations. So like when the ladies in white coats talk to the parents of the other hospital students, I bark and make sure they they can't hear a thing. Or when people are on the phone, I am there to ensure that they say the following phrase "I am sorry, I didn't hear what you said, can you repeat it?". If I have a good day, I make them repeat the phrase multiple times during one phonecall. I swear I see people's ears grow when they try to listen... I can grow earz too, see?!

I also developed new hobbies. My favorite hobby is to look so pathetic that the lady vet techs feel sorry for me and do extra stuff for me. Like buy me toyz, fetch me some treatz and give me snugglez. Then they say "you are so cute Ted"! Yeah right, just give me the treats, hehe.

Today, I discovered a new hobby - when foster mom and dad took me for a little walk, I realized I really enjoyed rolling in grass and soaking up the sun. It made me smile!

Hope you get to roll in grass and smile too!
Luv, Ted


Anonymous said...

Ted is adorable. :)

Joseph said...

Hey Ted! Keep up the great job, healing that leg....and every B.C. needs a "job", so you found yours is barking! Can't wait til you "graduate" and get out of there!

Mary M said...

Ted, you are getting better. Your photos prove it.

Mary M said...

Looking good Ted.