Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Desi update

Hello to all the friends of NEBCR!

Foster Mom said I should take some time and tell everyone how I am doing. Well, the other day I went to the vet and when I came home I was no longer

“No-name Stud Muffin,”

I am now just” Desi the Desirable.”

While at the vet they discovered my ears are still infected and so is my skin. When I first came into rescue I only had fur on my head and a little on my legs. I now get lots of baths to help my skin heal and to help new fur grow in.

I don't like them very much though...

I am trying to learning that people are not so scary. I love my foster family but I still like it better when they sit on the floor with me rather than walk around. I am still too scared to meet other people but my foster Mom has had me near other people just not too close.

I have learned that dog beds are soft, when you live with a family you get fed every day; you get snacks and treats and clean water. I have bones to chew and toys to destroy!

I will keep you in the loop as to how I am doing. Thanks everyone who has helped me on this journey to being a real dog. Hopefully someday soon I will be ready to look for a family of my own. For now my foster Mom says I can stay here and get better and braver.


Desi the Desirable

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