Thursday, March 4, 2010

Introducing Floyd

Hey There, Floyd here...

I just wanted to give you some updates about me.

First I have lost 7lbs since being in foster care. Boy do I look Goooood!!!!!!!

I had my teeth re-checked by the vet.

He said I can start to eat crunchy food now. Yeah

I also now play with one of my foster brothers, Cisco. My foster mom tried to get a video but Cisco and I don't like the camera. Every time we see one we stop what we are doing. (sorry)

This doesn't really have anything to do with anything but I needed to tell you.

If you go for a car ride and the window goes down, fresh air blows in your face. It is so cool. No one ever did that for me before.

The coolest thing is that on Saturday my foster mom and dad took me to a place called Black Rock State Park. I had no idea what a State Park was but I do now.

I spend most of my time here sniffing the ground. Do you know how many dogs get to come to this place? A lot!

My foster mom hooked a long leash to her belt and off we went. We walked on a path for a while and then we walked in the snow. We walked by some water, through trees and I got to smell so many trees. We walked around for about an hour. Then Mom said that was enough. I wanted to go longer but mom said not to much the first time.

That’s it for now, but I'll let you know when I get to do something else for the first time.

Speaking of first times, I am still looking for a place to call my own and have someone really love me and make me part of their family.... for the first time.

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Allison Bryant said...

Floyd, some lucky family will be thrilled when they find you. You deserve to be part of a family.