Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hi, I'm Aidan!

I am Aidan and I am only 9 months old. (I'm the little guy on the right in the play picture). I recently came into rescue and am enjoying my foster siblings. I'm not up on the site yet as there is something about getting health records straightened out. I try not to concern myself with such matters.
They say I am a border collie, sheltie cross. All I know is I can use my eyes to get some sympathy from humans. My foster mom says I need to loose some weight. Has she ever heard of winter insulation? OK, maybe she's right, but I'm still cute!
I really like my older foster brother, Jack. I like to follow him around and imitate what he does. He's a bit of a snob and VERY possessive of his toys, but I was able to win him over. I can get just about anyone to play with me. Missy, my foster sister, is a little quirky. She was so scared to meet me. To be honest, I was taken back too with her silly barking displays. It didn't take long to figure out she was just a scaredy-cat. I made it a point to get her to play with me. Now she is great fun to run with. You would think she could turn fast, but no. I can quick, spin and leave her in the dust! It's so much fun.
Here are some pics and a video for your enjoyment. Hopefully I'll be up on the site soon so I can find my forever home.

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Allison Bryant said...

Aidan, you look like so much fun! So glad you found NEBCR.