Thursday, March 11, 2010

I am ready!

... for what you may ask? For my new family! I do have some.... um , what do they call it... yeah, those E-L-G-i-B-i-l-Y-T-i-t-i requirements. Ugh, spelling is so hard. Anywayz, herez a list of what you need to have before i even look at your applikation. One, you need to have toyz. Two, you need to have a lap. Three, your hands need to be available at all timez to provide belly rubs and scritches for ME! And to throw toyz for ME. And hand out yummi treatz to ME. In exchange, I am offerink sloppy kisses, ball katching servicez and that... enthuziazm... yeah, I have some of thatz to offer. Herez me:

Ok, thatz all for now. Gotta go -- my foster siblingz and toyz are waiting.

Luvz, St.Peat


Amy said...

Silly Auntie Petra is not a good speller! We know a smart border collie like you can spell better than that, huh Mr. Peat?!
Your foster brother,

Anonymous said...

Love the close-up. You were born for the cameras!

Lacey said...

Nice job Peat. And now...

More Roosevelt, please.

Anonymous said...

Peat, I hope my puppies are as good at playing someday as you are! what a very pretty "lie down" you have. I will show them the video to let the little squirts see how it is done right!


Anonymous said...

WOO HOO for being ready. it takes such diligence and patience. you do great! congrats and best wishes to a happy new home quickly!