Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Speck does agility + plays biteyface!

I had the opportunity to expose Speck to a little agility this weekend. He was very interested in all the great smells in the agility building at Sugar Bush Farm, (and the silly Roo dog in the crate!) but eventually came to work. He started to learn a target, and is very quick to learn things with the clicker. He was responsive to his foster mom and came back to her, even when distracted. He showed no hesitancy around the equipment, he was pretty fearless. We put the Aframe down low and did a little luring with treats (since he doesn't know the target yet!) Once he got it, he kept going back over the Aframe, again and again! He went through a tire and through jump stantions. He offered the table, and laid down when asked to on it. He shows great propensity for the equipment, and nice drive. He is a natural athlete as well. He would make someone a nice agility dog!

Barb, NEBCR volunteer and agility trainer/competitor


Also, Speck does a heck of a job as a biteyface companion for Tuck, a new dog in rescue (coming soon!)...

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