Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hi - My name is Tye....

The snow is so soft and fluffy. I'm having lots of fun playing in it. I love playing fetch and diving right into the snow face first to find my ball again.

My foster mom laughs and smiles at me a lot - then I get silly and run around as fast as I can.

I bet I can beat that cutie named Keebler in a ball race, I'm also learning to share my toys, but balls are the hardest - I want them all to myself : ) Time to go - I will talk to you again soon ~Tye


KSC said...

Hey Tye,
You are a cutie for sure! Let's together some day to practice sharing balls, I know it is hard, hard, hard!

Anonymous said...

Just checking in on Tye to see how he is doing.

Dunedan said...

Tye is doing great!

Anonymous said...

Just checking in on Tye. I haven't seen any updates in a while. I know he was ill. Hope all is well.