Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Hey folks! Thanks for stopping by to read all about me! My name is Chip and I'm about 8 years old. My foster mom says that's why no one has adopted me yet. She says, that sounds too old to the people who are looking for a young dog, but not old enough for the people looking to take in a senior dog. Huh?! So, that leaves me, stuck in the middle, and waiting for you!!

I think I'm the best qualities of each. I've got all the energy and enthusiasm of a youngster . . . check me out:

Chip from AmyB.H. on Vimeo.

However, once playtime is over, I am really good at curling up and settling in! Just like the sweetest low key senior dog might be!

So, how could anyone not want me to join their family? All sorts of fun and entertainment outdoors, and plenty of cuddle time indoors.

At least, as long as you don't have small intriguing critters for me to obsess over . . . if you do, you might find me staring at their enclosure like this:

<-----That's me, staring at the guinea pig enclosure in my foster home! I can't see them but I can hear them and they sound very interesting!

Plus, I'm really rather silly somet
imes too, so if you need some cheering up, you just need to hang out with me! I mean really, how can this not make you smile?? I am having so much fun! Well, thanks for stopping by and reading . . . now hurry up and fill out an application and email my foster mom so I can get on with my new life with YOU!

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Tom said...

Chip is a beautiful boy. Very playful for an eight year old. Obviously, young at heart.