Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hi, it's Kody again. My foster mom recently got a call from someone who was interested in their very first ever dog. One of the questions they asked was about how many toys a dog needs. So foster mom asked me and my foster brothersand sisters how she should answer that.

I jumped up on the sofa and began to ponder how I'd answer. In the meantime, Bek said that all a dog needs is a soccer ball. Then she remembered sometimes it is a fizz or a tug...
...but she was pretty sure that they only need one.

So I grabbed a bone and chewed as I pondered. As foster mom went from dog to dog, they each gave a different answer. So each time I grabbed another bone and chewed and chewed -- for inspiration. I wanted to make sure to answer the question the right way...since it is a very very important question. But I was getting confused by all the different answers.
It was finally my turn to answer...and suddenly I knew the answer.

I looked around and there it was. The answer was TWELVE!


Karrie said...

This picture reminds me of my house. We always joke about how our BC Scout has uncovered a dinosaur. He hoards and hides his bones, then suddenly they are all out, in the same space. Looks like an archaeological dig site.

Vehicular Bird Watcher said...

Angus only has 9 bones, three squeakies, and one "big tug." Oh, and a frisbee plus multiple big sticks.

Vehicular Bird Watcher said...

Angus only has 9 bones. But he has 3 squeakies, a "big tug," a frisbee and many large sticks. So, infinite?