Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fashion Statement

Hi all,

This is me after I used my magic powers last night and removed the white sticky stuff from my behind. The humans drugged me thinking that would put me in a disadvantage, so I had to put on my best performance yet, but I won! I WON!!!! So today's score is Ted 1 - humans 0. Ha! Anywayz, see how that wound is healing?

And this is what the humans did in response. They have to be kidding, right? Well, it took me full 30 minutes before I figured out how to get the skirt off. Hehe!

Love, Ted


Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO! This is hysterical - or would be if it wasn't so sad that the dog ended up in this condition. Poor baby.

Lisa Campbell said...

Well Ted your backside is looking much better! But I wouldn't want to be the human trying to build the fence around your yard!

Anonymous said...

We love you Ted!!

Helen said...

Ted be carefull they might put you in a cattle stantion (dog size)