Monday, February 28, 2011

News from Bailey

Hi everyone,

It's me Bailey, and I am writing from my new location. I heard the humans say something about a 'foreverhome'. Do you know what that means? All I know is I was home on Saturday, then the door opened and there was this nice guy so I gave him a big hug and that was that. Then a nice lady came in, and behind her was a big fluffy border collie so I sniffed them too and we all played and then I hopped in their car and here I am. I hear they have cookies and toys and a swimming pool for dogs here, so I think I will hang out on the couch and see what happens. Meanwhile, they are giving me scritches and kisses, so it's all good. Anyhow, I hope you all stay warm and maybe I will run into you someday, okay?

Love, NEBCR BaileyBear


Joseph said...

Congrats, Bailey, on your FOREVER home! Sounds perfect!!

Julie said...

Bailey, God Bless you and your new Forever home. You are so sweet looking, you have a strong resemblance to our dear Misty, now gone almost a year now. What wonderful news! Congratulations!

Bailey said...

Oh, and the part about giving Paul a big hug when he walked in... true! I think his heart melted ;-)

Anonymous said...

dear bailey you sure remind me of my sweetwinnie who died march 27 2010,now that i am 77 it is tough to be without a border collie maybe i will be able to babysit one soon,