Monday, February 7, 2011

Kody's best day ever!

Hi everyone!

It’s me, Kody! Are you wondering why my bio is not on the NEBCR site? Well, here is what happened. I broked myself. I mean, I broked my leg! This is what broken me looks like.

Do you want to know how all of this broking happended? This is how!

So once I am unbroken, I will be looking for a home. But meanwhile, I wanted to tell you about what happened today. Because today is Monday and my foster mom says this is going to be the best week ever! We just got back from the dog-ter. Now normally I wouldn't say that was very fun, but since I fractured my leg in December, mom keeps telling me that I can't do this and I can't do that...because the dog-ter said so. I have been on something the dog-ter called "restricted activity." I am not sure what the words mean, but it sure feels like jail for a young pup like me. So every time I see the dog-ter I sit real nice and look at him with my big brown eyes, hoping he will say it is ok for me to run around and play again. he said it!

Now I get to increase my exercise so I can get muscles back in that leg...

...and that means I am one step closer to being ready for my forever family. The dog-ter says I will be ready in another month.

Mom also said that this is a special week because I have my big-boy-one-year-old birthday. Happy 1 year old Birthday to me!

Get ready world, here I come!!!


onlyonewoof said...

Oh no! I thought Kody was gone because he was adopted! Poor pup.

I wish I was done with vet school, because I'd ask NEBCR if I could take Mr. Kody home...he'd be perfect to play with my crazy little BC girl and to do agility with. But I won't be done for another year (doesn't mean I can't look, but I know no puppies right now), and I'm sure he'll have found an even better home long before then.

Amy said...

Dear Kody,
You sure are handsome! Dahlia says she is a grown up 1 year old dog, too, and wants to know if you will be her boyfriend.