Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lee's big weekend adventure

Hi everyone! It's me Lee!

So this weekend my foster dad said I needed to get something called culturalexposure. I figured culturalexposure must have been a chew toy or something so I readily agreed. Anywayz, so off I went with one of my NEBCR aunties and after I stole, I mean acquired, all of her coconut cookies (yum!) I found myself in a place called North Adams where they have muzeumz and stuff and it turns out culturalexposure is nothing to be excited about but being the sofistikated... or is it sophistigated... or sophi... anyways, smart dog that I am I went with the flow and while I collected no culturalexposure I did find some toys here and so I rolled on my back and did this

and this

And then I met with my fan club (see how they all line up just to watch my cool moves?)

And then I chatted with a couple of old buddies of mine

And then we worked on our cardio routine

Yaaaaaawn. Now I feel little tired so I think I will go and snuggle with my auntie on the couch. Talk to you all later, okay?

Kisses, Lee Loveable

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Becky said...

awww...he is such a cutie!!!