Friday, June 7, 2013

Harp, a rescue success story

You may have noticed Harp is marked officially adopted on the NEBCR available dogs website!

After 3+ years of living as a feral dog with no positive human contact in an outdoor pen with several other dogs, a couple of terrifying days when he and hundreds of others were seized from the property by the ASPCA,

 Porter and Harp their first day with NEBCR in July 2011

living in 2 foster homes, being in the care of NEBCR for almost 2 years, 4 long months of heartworm treatment and leash walks only, at least a million inquiries from people interested in adopting him, a handful of times playing with sheepies, and countless days and nights of just figuring out how to be a dog and continually learning how to trust the people that love him just a little bit more...

Harp has his forever home with an amazing family who will give him the best possible life. 

Harp with his new mom Patricia and canine sister Echo.

He has four humans to love him endlessly, and also a beautiful and awesome role-model canine sister that he already adores and follows around.

Harp playing ball with Echo and his new dad Sergio.

Here is what his new family had to say about him after being with them for only one week: 

"In the beginning of the week, he seemed confused as to who to follow. He would start to follow one of us and then go to another. By the end of the week is looking for the next person who will give him attention or go outside to play. Also, he was very reluctant to play or run at the beginning but by Wednesday he started to bounce around Echo and chase her as she played with the balls/frisbees. By this Sun. he was chasing Echo and catching the frisbee himself; in the air with a turn. He is really an amazing dog."

Thank you all for your support and for your love of Harp while he was in rescue.  He is the success story that we all dream about.  He is going to have a great life and I, and I'm sure all of you as well, can't wait to hear about him and his adventures in the years to come.

You won the jump for joy, sweet Harp...jump for joy.

Harp's foster mom


Ellen said...

What a fabulous ending for Harp's long journey!

So much care and optimism on the part of so many people to get him to his forever happy home!

Ellen ( Desi's mom )

Joy said...

Congratulations Caitlin and Harp.