Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Oh dear, Harp, what have they done to you now?

Excuse me...anyone out there?


I can't believe what they have done to make me even more pathetic...

i think i need a hug.

I had to spend the day at the vet and get an injection for my heart worm treatment today.

i'm pretty sure it was cruel and unusual torture. and i think i died. 
like this.

what?  you don't believe me?!

Since it must be given via intramuscular injection in my back they had to shave a stupid square out of my fur!

 i'm hideous.

 And since I'm still on crate rest for another 2 months...I'm all kinds of bored.

 if i see one more kong, i will throw it at you.

 maybe if i make a break for it now, no one will notice...

 Hey now, Harp...if you run away, where do you think you are going to get your next dinner?


At least we are going to the NEBCR Reunion this weekend at Sugar Bush Farm...right?
I mean you have all that camping stuff ready to go and all...

Foster mom?

Yes, Harp...but you can't play in the yard at all, are you ok with that?

as long as i get to be outside and be sit with you...i guess so.  *pout*

For the NEBCR volunteers and past adopters attending, see you at the NEBCR Reunion!
(to RSVP go here)

(and make sure to stop by and give poor pathetic Harp some pity)

and snacks! 

Yes, Harp, and they should give you some snacks.



Dani said...

Very cute! :)

Harp is so wonderful, poor pup!

Ellen said...

Steady on, there Harp. It will be over soon, and you will be sooo healthy and full of fun.

Hope you get a zillion treats at the reunion. Desi says next year, for sure!