Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pocket Border Collie Seeks New Home

Hi, I'm Scarlet. My foster mom calls me a pocket border collie because she just scoops me up all the time for snuggles or if I'm bein' naughty. After years with no love from anyone, I really like this. She can carry me all around on one arm! But not for too long, she says I'm as heavy as a sack of potatoes, which must weigh around 25 pounds, 'cuz that's how much I weigh. She says you have to meet me to see how darn tiny and cute I am.

Here I am with my foster dad holding me. I'm showing off my patented Tongue-out, that I do when I'm tired or relaxed. It makes my foster family giggle.
Off to herd my foster siblings....someone has to do it!

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