Saturday, November 6, 2010

Roosevelt Needs New Wheels!

Roosevelt's cart has been wonderful for him! He loves the freedom he has in it, running and racing.

Unfortunately, no one had any idea just how hard a young, healthy, extremely active and smart border collie would be on a cart! Even with multiple adjustments from the wonderful folks at Eddie's Wheels, it has become apparent that Roosevelt needs a heavier duty cart! It took them 3 hours to adjust his current cart on Friday, to get it back into alignment so it could be safe and usable until the new one is built.

The new cart will be much heavier duty, able to withstand the abuse that Roosevelt throws at it on a daily basis. It will still need routine maintenance and such - for example he has worn the tread off the tires! This will be something his adopter will need to monitor regularly and replace as needed. But, the idea is that with the heavier duty cart the structural integrity will be maintained, and not require so much adjustment so often.

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