Friday, July 10, 2009

Have you heard?

I am Chip and listen to this... I. AM. FAMOUS.! That's right! This month, my picture appeared in The Bark magazine! How very woofy cool is that?!

Check it out! This is The Bark:

The Bark

And this is me Chip in The Bark:


Gotta go, I bet the ladies are lining up outside to get my autograph now that I am famous.

luv, Chip

1 comment:

Anonymous Snowboarder said...

I read the description of Chip and he sounds almost a clone of my 7yr old male Marley. I've recently had to change from a park where we played frisbee twice a day, generally alone to a nearby dog park (of reasonable size). I'm finding that the more time he spends there the more intent he is at "herding" the other dogs. One owner has dubbed him the park police as there is no humping, no wrestling and no rolling on the ground when Marley is on patrol. However, if I see he is scaring another dog I am usually able to get him to stop by having him 'find bally' Its quite amazing with some dogs how they will run around for a few minutes with him and then suddenly its like a light switch goes off and they run to their owner or under a bench to hide! But on the whole we have good relations with the other dogs. Good luck getting Chip a home.