Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Hi Hi Hi! I'm Speck and I am a Very Good Boy [today]! At least that's what Foster Mom says. As if there were any doubt. I went to my second week of obedience class tonight and she was so proud that I ignored all the loud noises (jet-engine heating units, barking dogs, agility noises in the next ring and a train!) and even stayed [mostly] relaxed the whole time. Well duh, if Foster Mom is with me, I don't have to be afraid of very much, do I??

And I only jumped up on the teacher once before I figured out that I need to sit for her. And I let the teacher lead me around the class to show all the other students what to do next. Heh. I am so clever and quick! I bet she got dizzy leading me around backwards.

Anyway, we just got home and I need my supper! If you think I'm the coolest pup ever, and you're looking for your next sport dog, read my bio here!


GouletFamily said...

Hey Speck,
I read your bio and was wondering where in Massachusetts you live with your foster mom? My family is looking for an energetic border collie after our most recent Border Collie/Lab mix passed away of old age at 16 years old in late October. We livei n Southern New Hampshire. We are getting a little bored without some energy around our house. I saw you on NEBCR.com and have been discussing whether to fill out an application depending upon the travel from you to us =).

Dunedan said...

Hi :)

my foster family is in Berlin MA, but don't let distance deter you... go ahead and fill out an application!

energy? i sure have that :)


GouletFamily said...

Hey Speck! Nice to hear from you! Another question my family has is how much would it be to adopt your cute energetic face? With the economy now it is hard to find a good dog for us that isn't too expensive. but we think you might be a good fit especially when cats don't bother you, we have 2 cats that were also from rescue shelters.

Dunedan said...

NEBCR's adoption fee is $250, which rarely covers the cost of spay/neuter and foster care.

If you think you're interested in me, or any NEBCR dog, please fill out an application and go from there!



GouletFamily said...

Thats a little too expensive for my family right now but i asked them and they said maybe in a month or so, my birthday is in early april so maybe I could ask then. sS I'm just hoping you're still available then :)

Is there any way you can be "saved" or "held" from adoption until then? I know that it might be unfair to hold a dog, so i understand if it isn't possible but we are willing, we are just a little short on money right now, and i don't want a possible match to slip away without a chance. anyway, ill keep an eye on the site. Bye!

I also started filling out an application and will be entering it shortly.

Dunedan said...

We can't hold dogs unfortunately, but you never know... Speck might still be around when your family is ready to adopt.

Fill out the app and go from there, it's the first step!